About School
Sant Gurupad sambhav ram academy situated in City Station, Jaunpur.

Academic System
Student are Promoted on the basis of their cumulative performance.

Facilities Of School
Smart class, the new age technology, visualisation, simulation, activity.


Admission Procedure

The process of admission in to SGSRA given below.( Please feel free to contact the admissions...



Director speaks

Welcome to the SGSRA website. As you read through the pages of this site, you will learn about our...


Photo Gallery News & Highlight
Update Date : 01/07/2017
100% result in Xth Board 2016-17 list of students got 10 (CGPA) 1. Anubha Mishra 2. Amit Shukla

Update Date : 01/07/2018
100% result in Xth Board 2017-18 list of students got 10 (CGPA) 1. SHUDHANSHU NATH TIWARI 2. HARSH YADAV

Update Date : 14/01/2019
Admission open for session 2019-2020 class P.G.to XI.