About SGSRA, Jaunpur

The Sant. G.S.R. Academy is established to promote the excellent ideals of the standard Indian education through Hindi as well as English medium. It is a convent school but the Word ‘convent’ Is used here not is a convent of Christian Missionaries but for an organization of noble ideologist and thinkers. The aim of this institution is to develop the entire personality of the children according to to our Indian culture traditions.

We follow CCE pattern continuous and comprehensive Evaluation entirely for our curriculum and include English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Social, Study, Physical Education, Art and Craft, Classical Dance and Music. We teach Values in prayer time specially.

The principal of Learning by doing is followed while imparting education, Co-learning by doing are regular feature of our day programme. Important National days such as 15th August, 5th September, 2nd October, 14th November and 26 January are celebrated in befitting manner.

For developing good Physique, children participate daily in P.T. and other sports.