School Library

 Students are encouraged to make use of the school library for extra detailed studies. They must remember that they enter the library to grow in wisdom and maintain the decorum of this bank of knowledge. Absolute silence must be maintained in the library.

 Students can get books issued from the school library during the library period assigned in the class time table.

 They should bring their library cards and all books must be entered in the library register before they are taken from the library.

 They borrower will be held responsible for any damage to the books while in his/her charge.

 Examine the book any damage while borrowing it and any damage must be notified to the librarian.

 Books should be return a book on expiry of the maximum period of 7 days and extended for a further period of 7 days provided there is no demand for the same book by other students.

 Failure to return a book on expiry of the maximum period of 7 days will involve the payment of a fine of RS.10 per day.

 The borrower who loses a book will have to replace the book.

 No library books will be issued during vacations.

 Indiscipline in the library will render a student liable to suspension from further use of library.