Academic System

Student academic evaluation is carried our continuously through home work assignments, Project, class tests, unit tests, terminal tests , half yearly and final examination. Student are Promoted on the basis of their cumulative performance in the academic year progress Report of each student are also given to their parents at the end of each test / exam.

The school aims to create an atmosphere to develop the personality of each student by providing an environment for wholesome upbringing, seeking to produce well adjusted, dynamic students with good qualities of the head and heart.

Curriculum Provides a framework for a range of sensory and experimental learning as well as development of basic concepts and skills in various subject area such as mathematics, EVS, computer education besides two languages. Painting, Craftwork, Music, Yoga, Sports are Provided for all round Development.

Campus Culture :
The school is spread over an area of 2 acres of well developed land. It has 20 well equipped rooms wherein almost all facilities and amenities are available. Each floor comprises of staff rooms and separate wash rooms for boys and girls along with a water dispersing system mounted on each floor equipped with R.O. Each floor has four exit point. There are two lawns beautiful & awe inspiring.

Intellectual Resources :